Beard Care 101: Get Your Beard From Scraggly to Sexy

Beard Care 101: Get Your Beard From Scraggly to Sexy

Beard Care Tips MenEssentialsAre you a beard enthusiast in a world of dedicated shavers? Don’t fret: there’s a whole spectrum of beard care products that will make you proud to show off your face-mane. Due to the ever-growing (see what I did there?) popularity of moustaches and beards, a variety of care products have made their way on the market to cater to those who prefer a hairy face. Various types of washes, conditioners, beard oils, waxes, and balms are available to make sure you always have your beard in tip-top shape.





WASH: The hair on your face is coarser than the hair on your head, and therefore requires different steps to care for it - your regular shampoo or bar soap just isn't going to cut it. There are many beard washes that are formulated specifically for facial hair, ensuring not to dry out your hair or the skin underneath it. Washing your beard is essential, because they have the tendency to trap food and other odours. You’ll be amazed at the difference a freshly washed beard makes!

STYLE: If you’re looking to rock a particular facial hair style that defies the general laws of natural hair growth, you’ll want to invest in some beard and moustache wax. Looking for curly tips for your ‘stache? Or to keep your beard hair laying flat? No problem! Simply apply and style, and you’ll have the look you want all day long.

SOFTEN: If you have particularly coarse and scratchy facial hair, beard oil or balm will quickly become your best friend. Ever felt deterred from growing a full beard because that growing-out stage is just too uncomfortable? Refrain from shaving out of frustration, and simply apply a beard oil or conditioner, and discover just how soft your beard can be.

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