Month: January 2023


Classic Suit Accessories

Wearing a suit will make you realize how classy you look. Soon, you’ll find yourself on many more occasions that need formal wear. 
If you want to reinforce your look more, here are 6 classic suit accessories that you’ll need:
Lapel Pin
This ornamental piece is inserted usually around the front collar or lining. It is more decorative rather than functional. It can also be used as a representation. 
You’d want to wear it on most occasions, especially…


World’s Best Hair Transplant Doctors

In the past decade, there is an increase in the number of people opting for hair transplants. Although there’s an abundance of transplant doctors, not all of them can provide satisfying results. 
As such, you have to know who are the best in that field in order to get your money’s worth. Listed below are some of the best hair transplant doctors in the world, most of which are IAHRS members:
Dr. Scott Alexander (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Dr. Alexander offers FUE and FUT surgeries both by hand and with…


Develop A Signature Style

Being fashionable and stylish are usually misinterpreted as synonymous. In a deeper sense, style is more of an expression of one’s personality while fashion is a statement of one’s desire to appear as someone. 
That’s why most fashionable men are seen as copycats for what they wear does not represent their selves. It’ll be better if they have signature styles. 
What Does Signature Style Mean?
Similar to a signature that is a unique writing representing your name, a signature style is also …